Lamy replacement nib

I bought Jack a Lamy Safari extra-fine fountain pen. He likes it (though he bought a bunch of refills rather than deal with loading it from a bottle. The ink’s not waterproof but it’s a lot simpler to deal with if you’re not used to ink bottles) but prefers my new super thick and chunky nibbed Safari. I discovered that you can replace the nib on a Safari to a different style. You can buy the whole front end of the pen on the Lamy website for virtually what I paid for the complete pen but on ebay I found a guy selling just the nibs for a lot less. Hopefully,  we’ll get it next week and can make the swap.

8 thoughts on “Lamy replacement nib”

  1. And please do not forget the old tried and true, WATERPROOF, Sharpie thin. I KNOW it’s cheap but I would not think of leaving it out of my kit. As Zsa Zsa Gabor once said of wine, “It does not have to be expensive to be good.”


  2. I love my Safaris and Al-stars. I would love to see what you got when you went on your fountain pen shopping spree!


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