EDM Challenge #2: Draw a desk lamp or other lamp

Except for my stuffed giraffe leg lamp (which appears somewhere in Everyday Matters), most of my lamps aren’t that interesting to draw . So I unscrewed this new lightbulb and drew it instead. I tried drawing its contours as accurately as I could, stopping to see how each band of the bulb continued under the others as it coiled. It was a little treacherous.

I drew it with both of my Lamy Safari pens, broad and fine, but because it ended up looking a little meagre as just a line drawing I gave it a hit or two of watercolor.

I quite like doing these challenges, tackling each one at breakfast time, before the day gets going.

4 thoughts on “EDM Challenge #2: Draw a desk lamp or other lamp”

  1. true about the fries.. made me laugh…but looking up into hanging dome shapes with these curlies at the kitchen table, well..somehow they need to be round like moons to look right..I like the shadow color you use here..but best of all, I like the “whoops'” being there..


  2. I thought of you at the weekend when I saw a stuffed fox with a bag over it\’s back, filled with other smaller stuffed creatures, the title being \”Packed Lunch\” I remembered your penchant for stuffed animals. Love the light-bulb and I felt exactly the same way as you, absolutely despised them, until resistance became futile and grudging acceptance became the new order. Now I am quite used to them and as you say the technology has improved.


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