EDM #23: Draw your foot

I started with a simple shape in gouache, a bit of Light Ochre and some Zinc White. When it was dried, after 15 minutes or so, I whipped out the old bamboo. I dipped it in India ink and drew a heavy outline, then lightly added some fur bits. FInally I mixed in a little diluted white to add the tendons and highlights and some water-down primary blue to show the blue blood coursing through my veins.

My favorite bit: the overprinted feeling of the ochre next to the undulating black line of the bambo pen.

10 thoughts on “EDM #23: Draw your foot”

  1. My feet, my sleeping dog and my (empty) wine glass are most recurring subjects in my sketchbook! I will definitely add the veins and the ochre overprint to new foot sketch (luckily no visible furry bits – yet!)


  2. Great sketch!…glad you described the technique. We have loads of bamboo in our garden, I’m now wondering if a piece trimmed up would make a pen?!? perhaps I’ll give it a go (-: ◄ left-handed smiley, as I’m left handed – cool aye


  3. Danny Gregory, the caption should read, “Comical Foot,” since you drew your foot to look like Bluto’s! Can you do a scratch and sniff page on the computer, too?


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