First sighting

My pal Jane LaFazio just sent me a surprising picture. It seems she has managed to purchase the first copy of my new book somewhere! She is traveling so I don’t know the details but here’s the evidence:

BTW if you get a copy of the book, do let me know what you think. And if you can be bothered, please leave a review on Amazon. Thanks so much!

Another email from Jane: ” Well it is in Paris! I’ve any just flipped through and it looks amazing, beautiful, powerful and tear inducing. As soon as I read it, I’ll let you know. After all, dear heart, I am in Paris. Xo Jane”

19 thoughts on “First sighting”

  1. “Shakespeare and Company”, is an old famous bookstore in Paris. Looks like Jane is there…but did she buy your book there??


  2. I agree, can’t wait to see the book here in the US.

    I also wanted to share this video with you if you have a chance to watch it. it’s my third that i have made since being inspired by your videos. Not as good as yours and i couldn’t manage the camera as well as i don’t have a tripod yet, but it was fun to make. Thank you for the inspiration to make them!


  3. Lucky woman! I was there in that library in Paris, because my wife know it well! It’s a fantastic library and one of the most famous in Paris.
    The new book from you… Yummy!!


    1. I bought my copy at Shakespeare in Paris a couple of days ago and have already read it twice!! Loved it. Took a picture but don’t know how to send it along.


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