First returns.

Jack took the bus down from Providence last night so he could vote today. It’s his first time voting and his first time home since going away to college.

Tim and Joe went crazy when they first saw/smelled him.It’s been great to have him home, if even for just a few hours.  We immediately slid back into old habits, ordered in Italian food, watched TV and talked about art. It was even nice to see Jack’s socks abandoned on the living room rug.

Sadly, he’ll be back on the northbound bus before dinner.

7 thoughts on “First returns.”

  1. Hey Danny, I think your twitter account has been hacked. I have received a few direct messages from you with links and when I look at your feed there are suspicious posts. Looks like other people have received them too. You may want to change your password.


  2. My eldest boy is just about to fly the nest, don’t know where to yet.. Interstate or maybe overseas. I know I will miss him absolutely every day, but just as our parents had to accept that we were grown and wanted to make our mark on the world, our offspring want the same thing for themselves. We just have to be there when they need us, in what ever form that takes and enjoy the times when they come home for some normalness. 😀


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