I love Maira Kalman’s work. I’m sure you’ve seen her books and illustrations. I have long been a big fan of her husband Tibor Kalman, one of the great designers of the last century. He passed away at a youngish age, like Patti. I just got this letter from Maira, somewhat delayed by the storm. I am awed.

4 thoughts on “Maira”

  1. A blog friend sent me a copy of “The Principles of Uncertainty” by Maira Kalman earlier this year and it was my introduction to her. I’ve been mesmerized ever since. What a gift to know her personally! And to receive such a letter! Glad for you!


  2. I love both you and Maira Kalman–you are both such an inspiration! I have been waiting anxiously for my pre-ordered book as well. I saw that posting of Jane LaFazio in Paris holding her copy of your book and have been waiting to hold my own copy. I was literally moved to tears, watching your recent clip of the book…and then had to watch it again. Thank you for your beautiful work and soul and letting us share in your life with Patti.


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