7 thoughts on “A Kiss in the Sunday Mail”

  1. I’ve followed your link and read it. It’s very touching — you know that. Your language is powerful. Thank you very much for sharing Patti’s beautiful life and your truthful thoughts with the world. I’m genuinely touched.


  2. Thank you for sharing this Danny. These are two major tragedies in your life; some people would not be able to cope. I have the sense your son, your work and your appetite for life have kept you going. Your story will help people dealing with the hardness of life.


  3. I don’t remember how I started following your blog/site. I think somehow a quilter who also draws had a link to your blog. I am so thankful I did start following you thoughts, words, sketches. Your words and drawings are so personal but they mean so much to me personally also. Thank you so much for sharing the article today and I look forward to reading your book.


  4. Even though you say you can’t believe in an afterlife, I see in your writing that your beloved Patti is still with you in so many ways. We expect a lot of drama and a real physical connection out of the idea of heaven, but it’s the love we carry with us that makes space for departed souls in our everyday lives. Your writing stands up very well without the pictures, though I can’t wait to see the whole work. Thanks for sharing this and for sharing your art/heart so beautifully.


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