Whoomp, there it is!

The first copies of my book encountered in a bookstore.
Barnes & Noble on 86th and Lexington in NYC.

Now that my book actually exists in the real world, can you help me to spread the word and help others find it? The simplest form of that is to share what you think of it on the Amazon page for A Kiss B4 U Go. Write a little or a lot  — but by sharing an opinion, you will help others know whether it’s worth reading or not.

It would also be fantastic if you would share it with people you know, friends and relatives, and the readers of your blog or Facebook page if you are so inclined. If you’d like to ask me questions and share my answers, I would be very happy to do that too.

Starting in January, we will be promoting the book in the press. Magazine, papers, blogs, radio, etc. But I always feel that word of mouth from people who know me and my work is the best and helps make the experience of writing a book complete.

If you have any other ideas on ways I can share the book with people who will enjoy it and get something from it, I am all ears.

23 thoughts on “Whoomp, there it is!”

  1. Oh to amble down Lexington Avenue and purchase a copy. Instead, I shall get it via Amazon.de.

    Well done this & congratulations. Would you agree the more books you write, the better they/you get?

    I think the pink cover is a classic already 🙂


  2. Have you thought of sharing it with grief counselors, those in private practice, like myself; in hospitals, grief groups, doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.?


      1. I might make a flyer or brochure with the some book photos and a short synopsis of what it’s about and with perhaps some quotes from your readers who said that they benefited from reading it for their own grief; send it out to doctors, hospitals, therapists, etc.


  3. Received and read the book today. It made cry, but it also made me laugh, and left me thinking how lucky you and Patti were to find each other and to love each other so much despite all the banana skins life threw under your feet. Have posted the first (5 star of course) review on Amazon UK. Hope you sell lots, not so much because I want you to make lots of money (though I do) but because the book deserves the widest possible audience.


  4. Congratulations! I’ve been scouting around and found out the book was just published. I want to buy it off the shelves of my local, small bookshop when it comes in. You must be very happy right now. 🙂


  5. How about getting on Good Morning America. I and many others love to start the day watching it. They cover many topics. Maybe all your Fans who have followed you should write in about it. ?


  6. I bought a copy for a friend whose husband died six months ago. She reports she gobbled up the text and now is going back to really look at the art. And yes, Ellen or Katy or Oprah, The View or The Talk…the publisher’s PR person should make sure all the top Talkers, Movers and Shakers get a pink-wrapped copy of the book and a pitch letter..


  7. I just got your book from Amazon today. Haven’t even opened the package yet. It is already being spread on the Internet and I’ll put in my two cents worth also. I lost my mother just a month ago. I have your book “Creative License” and I so enjoy your view on life and drawing that I knew I had to get this. I’ve even started drawing again and got a journal. I’m sure you will touch more people than you can imagine. Thanks for sharing. You are one of the good guys.


  8. Alexander, Hillary Clinton, and you! Congratulations!
    ( Expecting your book under my tree this Christmas, husband assures me..:)


  9. Would love to help. Will put it on FB and my blog. I live nearby Kenyon College and will make sure they order it for the bookstore. There are two more local bookstores that I will request they stock it. I will write a review on Amazon after I read it, Haven’t received my copy yet.
    How about a book tour via online…a blog hop. Ask your artist friends to post about your book. Perhaps each blog someone visits they have a chance to win a copy of the book when they leave a comment.


  10. Congratulations!! I’m a big fan of you from Seoul Korea. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get my hands on a copy yet.. but will be ordering one from Amazon soon 🙂 can’t wait to read !! It would be AWESOME to see you in Korea promoting your books and work someday.. will look forward to it!!


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