A conversation with Tommy Kane from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers


Tommy Kane is one of my oldest and bestest friends. And he’s a genius too.  You’ve seen Tommy’s work all over, including in my books ( An Illustrated Life and The Creative License). It’s observant, it’s bold, it’s witty, and it’s endlessly inspiring to me.


And hopefully you’ve seen his blog and his movies too (and his star turn in Red Hook, the film Jack and I made last year).


And now he has more amazing drawings in An Illustrated Journey.


When I interviewed Tommy for this project, he was on one of his innumerable business trips to Korea.


Here’s an excerpt from Tommy’s contribution to the book:

“I have drawn every brick, cinder block and lamppost in all of New York City. Google earth didn’t need to go around and photograph every building in Manhattan. I would have given them all my drawings instead. They could have saved a lot of time, money and effort. All of this has created a dilemma for me. The Big Apple all looks the same to my eyes now. I can even say I’m bored of drawing New York. As I ride my bike around, I whisper to myself, “did that, drew that, sketched that, painted that.” My wife and I discuss moving out of New York someday. Mostly I discuss it. It wasn’t until I started to write this, that I realized the real reason is that…” (continued)