1 thought on “A new review in The Long Island Pulse”

  1. I don’t get that she doesn’t much like your handwriting. I find it interesting that she SEES that your handwriting changes with your mood. I also found it hard to decipher at times but it went with your mood and that made sense. It didn’t much matter. I thought her review (except for when she missed the actual place of Patti’s accident) was well written and got the important features of your terrific book covered. The book IS hard to read due to content, not writing … I still, to be perfectly honest. have not yet finished it. I lent it to a friend. Maybe I’ll finish it when I get it back. I am just too emotional myself to be able to read it all in one sitting or two. But that just shows how good a book it is!

    Now your next book I am enjoying reading slowly over time for a different reason. The art Journey! I love it. It is a fun to read book. I savor each artists section one at a time, and give myself time to digest what they had to say. And to pour over their art before going on to the next artists words and work.
    I find it so interesting to match pictures with some of them; and to learn from others. I also love the “dirty looking cover”! Just what a well used and loved art journal gets to look like … over time.


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