A conversation with Earnest Ward from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designersfrankfurt

Earnest Ward has had a unique career glide path. For a decade, he was a professional pilot. Then he became an art teacher. Travel journaling combines both those branches of his life. He is an avid traveler and makes his trips a family affair —  his wife and children are all artists in their own rights and they all draw together. Earnest’s work is beautiful and carefully observed. He has wonderful lettering skills and loves intense stippling. We had a lovely chat and he shared many of his techniques.

Earnest shares a lot more in my book. Here’s an excerpt:

“I have always been fascinated by a sense of place and culture. I grew up on the tales of Marco Polo, Lewis and Clark, Thomas Moran, Alexander von Humboldt, National Geographic, and films like “I Know Where Iʼm Going.” So, the attraction of distant places and exotic vistas was, I think, quite logical, if not inevitable. Like a child, Iʼm still in awe of the world around me. I believe that weʼve only discovered a fraction of the things the world has to offer. I believe that — when we each discover something that is new to us — we become the First Discoverer, no matter how many people have made the same discovery before us. I try to learn something new every day and to render it in my sketchbook or journal. I travel to discover new places Iʼve never been. And I travel so I can look at home with fresh eyes upon my return….” (continued)

(See more of Earnest’s work in the book and on his blog and his website).

8 thoughts on “A conversation with Earnest Ward from “An Illustrated Journey””

  1. I adore Earnest Ward! He is the other artist I follow religiously, besides you. 🙂

    I often add his posts to my read later file in Instapaper to read at my leisure on my iPhone or tablet, away from the computer. I even share some his posts with my non-artist friends. (I do the same with your posts)

    He is immensely talented.


  2. I love you both and it was such fun to see you chatting together. It was grand to see Earnet’s face light up when he showed his favorite pens. Wish I still had my fountain pens from the late 60’s-70’s. My dad introduced me to fountain pens. Yes, yes, do another interview with Earnest so we can see more of his supplies, books, etc. This was wonderful. Thank you!


  3. I just love that you’re posting these interviews! It’s really inspiring and they give a sense of how real people make time for art in their lives — the happiness shows in each interview. But now I may have to get a fountain pen….


  4. I am so enjoying this entire series- thank you! They are all fascinating, insightful and inspiring. but, I have to say, I think this is my favourite so far- part 2 would be wonderful, as would a mini-doco about people & their pens!


  5. Danny… wow… really… Thanks a lot for all this interviews… I look forward them during all day!!! I first read the pages in the book and then watch the vid’s. And you are also soooo good asking them questions! I hope you keep doing it but I also wish you have time to sketch everyday! (Well maybe I am asking a bit too much… I tend to see you as superhuman!!) THANKS


  6. Really enjoyed this interview. I, too, am looking forward to Part 2 with him. I am so glad that your book arrived last week as well–now I can catch up on the rest of the interviews with book in hand. Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce us to these artists, their lives and their work–I really look forward to each one. Thank you.


    1. PS – Another artist you might contact about his love of pens and calligraphy is Rick Paulus, former Chief White House Calligrapher. He’d probably most likely be happy to do an interview, too.


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