A conversation with Fabio Consoli from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers


Fabio Consoli has inspired me almost more than anyone else in the is book. (At least this month).  I love the style and wit in his pages, his adventuresome spirit and his incredible bike trips to exotic places in Africa. Plus, he’s Italian!thailand-tuk-tuk_2

After you watch our chat, don’t forget to check out his travel blog.


Fabio shares a lot more in my book. Here’s an excerpt:

“When I look at an old notebook full of drawings I made in Madagascar, I’m almost able to smell the aroma of Africa, yes, for me Africa has its own smell and forest sounds. I’d like to imprint them in my notebooks forever, this is why I often use food or fruits like coffee, wine, soy sauce, some fresh herbs, berries or tomatoes for coloring. Thus is some way, even for a short time, I can put the smells into my drawings, this gives my moleskine a nice garbage smell..…” (continued)