A conversation with Roz Stendahl from “An Illustrated Journey”

Here’s the next interview with the contributors to my new book An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers


Roz Stendahl has been my mentor, teacher and friend for many years. She knows more about everything than anyone, is an amazing artist, and a wonderful, vivacious spirit too. I hope you love our chat as much as I did.

Roz shares a lot more in my book. Here’s an excerpt:

“I draw when I travel for the same reason I draw all the other times I can’t stop myself from drawing—because something catches my eye and grabs my interest. I want to remember it; I want to savor it; I want to understand it just a little bit better; I want to acknowledge what I just saw.  At the same time all this is happening, when I’m drawing there is also a physiological change within me when I draw. I am more calm, more alert (hyper alert), and filled with wonder. Drawing activates a direct switch to my sense of wonder. I feel that to draw something or some place is to ask questions about that subject—how is it made, why was it made, what does it stand for, how was it used, or how does it live in these circumstances? (That last is something I ask as I draw pigeons the world over.)..…” (continued)

Please don’t forget to check out Roz’s blog. And often.

9 thoughts on “A conversation with Roz Stendahl from “An Illustrated Journey””

  1. Danny, I just checked it to see if there was another interview up and had to laugh that it was me today. I now think it was a good thing I was getting over my cold when we taped this because the urge to not cough kept me from talking at my normal speed! Your note about me is too funny, and too kind. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you.

    I think I never mentioned which gouache I use in my gouache palette—Schmincke—and that’s important because it rewets really well, and I thought I’d better mention that as a footnote in case someone watches the chat and thinks he can use any gouache out there. No more emendations.

    I have read the entire book now and I love it. The artists share such great sketches and their stories are full of insights. I’m so thrilled to be included. I know it is going to inspire lots of people to pick up a pen or pencil and get out there and sketch!


  2. Hello Danny
    What amazes me about these people in your book including you, is how generous you all are. Sharing your work and time. I have a copy of your new book and have so enjoyed watching the videos – they add so much. Quite a few of the artists I have been following for a while through the blogs and I love it all.
    I journal most days but mainly writing and collage as I am one of those people that believe they can’t draw. Then I read in your book a comment by Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen that if we want to ‘relearn’ to draw, we ‘need to make it a priority’, and I guess that is where I have been going wrong! So I need to give it more time and effort.
    Thank you to you and all the lovely artists in your book for being so generous.
    From Theresa. (UK)


  3. You can’t know how much these interviews mean to all of us out here in the world of “wanna be drawers”.
    Such inspirational people! Thanks so much and just keep going with it all.
    Jane Hart
    Carbondale, Colorado


  4. Bravo! I have followed Roz’s work for over twenty years and she is terrific. I am always amazed at how knowledgeable she is, and so generous with sharing what she knows. Thanks Roz!


  5. Thanks again, Danny, for these interviews! Roz is a star for me, too! I love how sincere and inspiring she is! Took her course at Strathmore on-line courses and learned so much! Oolong! Do the pod-cast! I can’t wait!


  6. why is Danny smiling and smirking when she’s talking about talking to people who have survived torture? Talk about being insensitive and detached from reality.


  7. This is my favorite interview so far …(looking forward for Felix’s one too :0)
    I love the dynamic between the two of you. She was so serious at the beginning and concern with the technical stuff…:0)
    Thank you for giving a 3D feeling to this book by making all those interviews Danny!


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