Pen-ter the dragon

Check out a lovely post about picking the right pen by Joe Nevin.
I especially like his observations about the living nature of certain kinds of pens. I think that’s why I like dip pens so much, they are willful and collaborators in my art. They make it more difficult and that’s what I like the most. Every line becomes an adventure and you never know what’s gonna happen.

2 thoughts on “Pen-ter the dragon”

  1. Thanks for the pen info. I just started using a dip pen and I love how expressive the line can be! Do you have any suggestions for a pen when I’m out in public? Carrying around ink makes me somewhat nervous about spilling it…….


  2. I like using ink pens (the sort with cartridges inside), but I find that if using them for a combination of quick lines, deliberate lines and writing the nib can get a bit out of shape. Any excuse for another visit to the stationery shop can’t be bad though 🙂


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