Mechanical drawing.

brake lathe

So it turns out that there are some shortcomings to owning a twelve-year-old truck. Nothing major, just a reluctance to start the first time I turn the key. I spent the afternoon at my local mechanic’s garage, inhaling the heady perfume of grease and metal shavings, while he replaced some worn bits and poured in some fresh magic potions. Meanwhile, rather than watching the History Channel in the waiting room, I drew the brake lathe. My mechanic, who also likes to draw, made a color Xerox of my journal pages and hung it next to the centerfold in the office. A pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Can’t wait to go to the dentist next and draw my root canal.

10 thoughts on “Mechanical drawing.”

  1. You inspire me every time I read your blog! So much better to draw than sit in the waiting room with the TV and nothing more to do than complain about the truck breaking down! The TV’s on waiting rooms drive me CRAZY! LOL! Motor perfume is so much better! Great sketch!


  2. Your entries are always interesting and fun to read, Danny! So cool that your journal sketches now hang in the mechanic’s garage! Sounds like you are enjoying LA and making the most of all the changes from NYC. Has Jack been to visit?


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