leaves i have grownHere’s a little Skype video chat I made with Koosje about her upcoming klass at Sketchbook Skool. She talks about one of her teaching goals: to get people to go outside and draw and she does it on a freezing day in Amsterdam just to show how tough she is.

Meanwhile, in LA,  it’s a bit damp and I had to put on a sweater to draw some of the vegetable popping up in our garden.

12 thoughts on “Angoraphobia.”

  1. Oooohhhh, no fair! It is -28 C here and I would have to add vodka to my water if I was painting outside!!! Can’t wait for classes to start!


  2. Great video! I’m looking forward to the classes.

    Margaret – If you’re having trouble with the video stopping and starting, just hit the pause button and watch the download progress bar continue to move along….wait until it’s about halfway and then press play again; this should eliminate the stops and starts. The stopping and starting basically means that, for whatever reason, the download transfer rate is slower than the playback of the video,


  3. How does drawing differ in its essence from say, plumbing? Both are just a way of doing something, which you just learn. Plumbers don’t agonise over their technical inadequacy or need visits from the muses in order to do their job. Why do artists? After all, they didn’t in the middle ages. Then art was just a job, like plumbing. ‘Art’ just means ‘to make’.


  4. I have a sort of ‘opposite’ condition. I’m relatively disabled, as far as mobility is concerned. I have enrolled, but I’m beginning to have a few concerns about whether I’m going to miss out on some of the content, because I can’t really get outside very well – physically. I am able to drive, so think I should concentrate on how I can get to places and park in appropriate ‘vantage’ places. Does that sound plausible to you? I’d hate to feel left out of stuff!


    1. Everything we are doing is about recording your life. So if you don’t go outside much, Then don’t go outside. It’s really meant to be a reflection of your life. We don’t want to push you to places u are not comfortable. Except artistically.


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