I’m writing this on a plane. I write a lot of things on a lot of planes. I write from coast to coast, six hours at a time, seat back up, tray table down. I don’t mean to write. But sitting in one position for six hours with no escape focusses my brain. I just peck something out, close my iPad, think about watching an Adam Sandler movie, then an idea drifts by on a cloud, I pick up my iPad again and write something else instead.

I told Jenny I want to get a plane seat to put in my studio so I can be more productive and wonder if she’d mind coming by every now and then with some Bloody Mary mix and peanuts.

I’d better go, we’re about to land. Now if only I could remember where.

5 thoughts on “Non-stop.”

  1. You’d need two seats… One to sit on and one in front for the fold down table and storage pockets for your art materials. As for Jenny bringing round the peanuts…… I might try that one on my husband.. he’d need a steward uniform of course…..


  2. Landing in New York, I hope, if only for a little while. Maybe New York misses you more than you miss New York….


  3. They need to creat an airline just for sketch artists; one side of the plane for normal travelers with normal seating, and the other for artists, with larger fold-down trays, better lighting, and storage for drawing tools.

    Appreciate and enjoy your work as always, BTW.


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