Not too late!

Sketchbook Skool‘s new semester starts today. Two kourses. I teach in both of them. If you haven’t joined us yet, it’s not too late. Click here to learn more.

Here’s what some of our students say about the experience they had last semester:

Jen Farrant: I cannot tell you the difference that SBS has made to my life, suddenly having permission to draw has made me so happy. I love sketching – even though I am a true, true beginner, having hardly lifted up a pen since school-school. I suddenly feel free, and it doesn’t matter if some of my sketches are totally rubbish, some are ok, some are good, but more importantly I am enjoying myself and feel like my creativity has been unleashed. That has made me whole again as a person in a way that I haven’t been for a very, very long time. I will be signing up to semester 2 as soon as it is live.


Chris Willis: OMG – Sketchbook School makes me feel like I died and went to Art School Heaven, where instead of being bullied because we’re weirdos, the artist’s are the cool kids … and I get to hang with them


Anna Morales Puigcerver:  Danny, Thank you very much for all the work, effort and energy you have put into this skool. I am really amazed at the bulk of inspirational material you have provided us, not to mention your encouraging and positive attitude that has boosted hundreds of us to believe in our potential. Thank you to the whole staff that makes this possible. Let’s keep drawing.  See you in klass 🙂


Linda Tennant: I am loving this. I am having so much fun that there’s just no place to stand for the comparing mind that usually puts a pretty serious damper on my fun. The ideas that particularly fired me up…that I can just draw and draw and draw, and feel what I feel while I’m drawing. I’m beginning to get a sense of how my personal style will emerge and evolve at the same time I am learning to draw. I have an absolutely new trust that I will learn what I need to learn and I will grow into whatever is needed for my continued creative growth.


Carolyn Egerszegi: I have been spending an equal amount of time on Facebook as I have with my Sketchbook, which is to say, A LOT. It’s been amazing and I am learning SO much from both the Klass and all of the students here. However… I am a little sleep deprived! I have wanted to “be an artist” my whole life, but never had the confidence or ability to do it seriously. Sketchbook Skool has been an enormous awakening for me. I am sketching every day and learning as much as I can about the “technical” aspects of painting and sketching so I can translate my vision onto paper. This is a wonderful group of kind, generous and talented artists. I am very lucky to have found Sketchbook Skool. Thank you Danny & Koosje!


Darlene Campbell:
This skool has been like unlocking the attic door and finding forgotten treasures. LOVE IT…ALL ASPECTS!

I have taken many, many on-line classes and this is so refreshing. I think because it’s not about a long list of supplies you have to buy to participate, it’s not just about techniques and a how-to format…but it has given me the freedom to create in my own spirited energy and hang out with other creative artists and see how they work. All of that gets me creating.  I have been inspired to widen opportunities such as sketching in public.

4 thoughts on “Not too late!”

  1. There are many reasons that Sketchbook Skool is the best and most amazing art venue beginning with Danny’s extraordinary and brilliant vision and the caliber, imagination, and enthusiasm of the super-talented teachers which make it wonderfully stimulating and helpful. But for me the best aspect is the variety of teachers and of all the various forms and styles that they espouse. I’ve been to “Art School” and I notice again and again that all the students learn to draw just like the teacher. And if you don’t, you’re kind of not “in”, you work is not noticed, not encouraged. In this Skool, anything and everything goes – it’s YOU and your imagination that is nurtured and held to high esteem. The variety of options already in the first term has been incredible and I can see that the second will offer even more. The urge to do YOUR OWN THING is the highest calling – and the students have clearly met that goal. The sky’s the limit here and THAT is the real unique treasure of this Skool. Many thanks to Danny for the original inspiration and for all the great teachers for having so handily passed that on to us. It is a tremendously exciting ride.


  2. I tried to sign up for the seeing workshops. Have emailed the website team. Hopefully this will be resolved. Am I too late for this series now?



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