Monkey goes to the publisher.

Signing the book contract for "Shut Your Monkey"

“Okay, but once you sign the contract, you have to write the book.”

“I know, I want to write the book. People need to know how to shut you up once for all.”

“And you think you can write a book about that?”


“A whole book?”


“Sez who? You’re not a shrink or a counselor or an expert of any kind. Who cares what you have to say?”

“I’ve lived with your voice in my head for decades, haven’t I? I’m pretty much as expert as you can get.”

“And you think you can shut me up?”

“Watch me. Hand me that pen.”

Book contract for "Shut Your Monkey" signed. 
Book out next fall.
Let the fun begin! 

35 thoughts on “Monkey goes to the publisher.”

  1. Hi Danny, I’m sure, that I will buy your “Monkey-Book”, because my “Monkey” is still alive, he’s feeling fine (while I’m feeling bad!). So I’m looking forward for your new book, hoping that I can shut-up the mouth of this bloody-bastard-monkey for all times! 🙂
    – Matthias


  2. Awesome Danny – we are all looking forward to your book ! And no that is not my monkey putting pressure on your monkey!


  3. yuppy!!! we have a chance to win the war with the monkey !!!

    ” You are kidding yourself! ” whispered in my ear My monkey (just now)

    “But Danny is helping ! Have you heard of Danny Gregory ?”

    “Sure I did, he gave me a lot of trouble managing my job, to handle your fears…so i know him! but him or his Book will not be with you at ALL TIMES to protect you…?”

    “It will ! If i’ll read it more then once IT WILL ! HAHA :0)”


    …i don’t know where my monkey vanish, but you see ? your book its working magic already ! :0)

    So glad to hear about it !!! Can’t wait :0)


  4. Brilliant – cant wait to see it – I hope it has 1000000000 pages and I can read it dawn to dusk for a decade!!!!!! I want to write my book – ‘art saved my life’ – about how I was an alcholic, angry and frustrated, close to death and trying to bring it on with drinking binges mixed with prescription pill binges, then i discovered I could express myself through art then realised I was an alcholic and stopped drinking and then got better and better at expressing myself and now here I am all well and lovely… dah dah!!!! And in the middle of it all was danny gregory who kept on expressing himself in the midsts of the most terrible experiences who by his example kept telling me to keep it on and keep it up xxxxx What you have done and how you have done it is no mean feat – not sure if thats how its spelt – Its one hell of an achievement and if you can pass on one bit of it you deserve the nobel prize – I am sure you can and that you will. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE YA xx


    1. Marcie, there is a book like that called “Art Saves.” I think its Quarry or North Light. It’s several mixed-media artists that talk about their struggles and share a favorite project. Reading this, I bet there are many others who could use some art practice, as a positive addiction. Instead of reaching for the bottle, reach for your sketchbook!! My dad had an issue with alcohol, lucky for me I’m a lightweight.


  5. My monkey is a flying monkey demon whose cousins were in The Wizard of Oz. They sent me running to my room every time when I was a child and even now make me white knuckled. Had a long session of drawing self portraits in Sketchbook Skool yesterday and gave the monkey some podcasts to listen to and that worked. Podcasts aren’t always available so I’d love to hear how to silence the flying monkey demon for good. You are a brave man to take it on!


  6. I hope the words will be interspersed with lots of cool drawings of monkeys! Will it be in art journal layout! Lots of bold color and Doc Martin pH watercolors? Wear your Sketchbook Skool T Shirt while writing to let that monkey know who’s boss!! You go guy! You ROCK!


  7. I am a Christian, and we call the monkey by another name..the devil or satan,…but however you label him, he’s the same defeating force whose aim is to steal, kill, and destroy anything creative, loving and beautiful. Delighted and anxious to see how you have silenced him.


  8. He used to be very big. Not so much monkey as more of a gorilla. His mantra was “It has to be great…or it’s worthless and you need to stop doing it if you have an ounce of self-respect.” Well, monkey, that was my bad thought originally. It’s a bad idea when you say it too. Time for us to disagree. Since I’ve let my art be whatever it is, one piece at a time, he’s gotten much smaller. Now he’s small enough for me to put in timeout while I draw the next SBS assignment… Also I need to mention there is an adult joke here, but I will leave it alone, it’s a little too obvious.


  9. How wonderful. As someone said above, put me on the pre-order list! I can’t wait to read anything you write. Your pieces are so clear, well written, and like the best story teller’s stories, capture one’s imagination and takes in on an important journey.
    Thanks you so much for all your writing, and ESP. For SBS, so far you have done nothing but great things in my life.


  10. sounds very a-peeling says my monkey….banana cream pie, banana bread, banana split…. there’s more than one way to quiet down my monkey….but always looking for more ways to tame the monkey..


  11. Yay for you, Danny! Can’t wait to read your next book. So proud of you! My “monkey”, who I call Genevieve, is tapping her stilletoed foot, pencil tucked behind her ear, actually wondering if, maybe, possibly, if Danny can sign his book contract, whether I might, just possibly, get up the guts to do Koshe’s selfie assignment for SBS!:)


  12. Yay! 🙂 If your monkey even dares to show up while you write this book, you just come back and read all of these comments. Or really, any of the comments on any of your posts, ever. Your monkey will shut up like that *snaps fingers*!


  13. I don’t think it can be done, but I do think you will write a very nice book about it. It wil be an interesting battle. Looking forward to it!


  14. Oh, goodie! I’m so looking forward to reading this book. Maybe it will help silence my monkey. My monkey is a “spider monkey.” She is very agile and spends a lot of time climbing all over me and my art.


  15. We all know from the readers and comments on your posts (monkey posts included), that you do have readers who want to know what you have to say! Tell that monkey he’s not in the LOOP.


  16. Go Danny!! I was hoping this was what you were working on.
    Your last post about being anxious is understandable with a wee bit of a publishing deadline! People who don’t write, or draw, or paint, etc. don’t understand this strange struggle, this powerful pull of resistance. It’s quite perplexing to me and I look forward to your wisdom and humor and maybe a bit of magic too. Ever hopeful…


  17. That’s an interesting title. Perhaps the phrase will catch on, and instead of saying, “Shut your mouth!” people will say “Shut your monkey!” I like it. Have fun writing!


  18. Heard you speak at HOW and am really looking forward to an expanded, whole book on shutting up the monkey. Congrats on the contract! I now have a stuffed monkey on my desk at work with duct tape over his mouth as a reminder to not be afraid to take chances, offer my opinion or try something new. It seems to be working as I have gotten involved in a lot more at work and am having a lot more fun since Boston. – thank you!


  19. Argh. I’m currently in the throes of violent expostulation with what feels like a whole rainforest of monkeys!

    I’ll preorder now!

    PS Love Sketchbook Skool! I seem to have formed a secret attachment to mosaic making this week but still loving the gentle tutorship of Danny and Koosje. I think I’ve fallen a bit in love with Koosje and I’m not even gay.


  20. Buried deeply in my computer is the outline for a book on besting the monkey mind that my partner and I began about 4 years ago. We never carried through, maybe the monkey, but mostly other paths. I even have a drawer of socks, as we were going to make very colorful ones that you could personally throttle, drown whatever in desperation if needed! It is certainly a book that needs writing, and I can’t think of a better man to do it than you!


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