14 thoughts on “The story behind “Storytelling””

  1. Sounds fabulous! And a great opportunity. I wonder why I can watch your video like this on my kindle fire without issue but doesn’t work so great through the school? Claire


  2. Another classic example of reportage is the amazing collaboration of Ralph Steadman and Hunter Thompson in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “Curse of Lono.” Steadman’s energetic dip pen and Thompson’s narrative complement and enhance each other in a way that almost creates another art…really brilliant. There are plenty others, but these spring immediately to mind.


  3. There is no doubt i’m taking the class. It does seem to resonate with me/my style so much.
    I knew Mattias for long time (probably from your book) and see his drawings day after day after day, dedicate as a soldier. I wander sometimes if his mind is rather wandering in the world around him or in the imaginary one created by his illustrations, his characters, etc.

    Melanie & Veronica have styles i so dream i will sometimes achieve (somehow similar with Felix S. ). I’m so looking forward to see them sketching and “steal” their technique :0) LOVE IT !!

    Jean Christophe ?! Ou, JCD is fitting like a glove to the title of this course!! “Storytelling” run throw his veins! So funny and smart in making the connection between the words and the graphics.
    That’s going to be hard to learn / “steal” :0)

    Illustrated recipes is what i’m “struggling ” with now. KK read my mind. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love to cook, but not when i could have done some art instead. So i’ve been trying to combine them somehow. It becomes multitasking. It takes my focus from cooking(forgot to add salt:0) and i get stained drawings :0(

    Your class Danny, it will be as usual, I’m sure! Like …when you think there is no better then the previous one, BANG! & WAU!! comes next!
    You are by now predictable! You always get done something amazing.
    I can only imagine…you’ve been quiet recently.


  4. Danny you are the gift that keeps on giving.I keep re-reading the Illustrated Journey and Life books as they are full of ideas, examples, and inspiration.I am waiing for Everyday Matters to come in the mail. Thank you


  5. Awesome!!! I loved beginnings, even though I’ve been sketching since your book Everyday Matters came out, I still learned a lot! I’m doing “Seeing” next and CANNOT wait to get to story telling!!! If I wasn’t in the middle of getting ready to move I think I would do them both at once! 🙂


  6. Looks very exciting indeed! And absolutely, each semester has been packed full of awesome teachers, lessons, experiences, techniques, tools, I am so glad I can do them all. I look forward to Storytelling, as to me that is what art journaling has always been about! The story of my life as I live it day to day.


  7. Danny,

    “Storytelling” will be my 3rd semester in Skool. I keep going back to the klasses taught by individual instructors in the first two semesters, as needed for my own sketchbooks,-trip to the beach, vacation in the UK, request to draw a friend’s dog, etc. All the instructors provide the inspiration that keep us striving to develop our craft (“kraft”) and enjoyment in “just drawing”. I think “infinite access” is a great and useful marketing tool. The quality of the content is extraordinary and participating in the vibe of like-minded artists is satisfying. I’ve shown my SBS work to other artists and got them enthusiastic about enrolling.

    Keep calm and keep the Skool drawing!



  8. I just signed up and I’m ready to go!!! Oooohhh….it’s gonna be super duper awesome!! Learning from my all time favorite artists: Veronica Lawlor, Melanie Reim, and Danny of course! Plus, a day of drawing in Paris with a French artist? How wonderful!!


  9. The past two semesters of SBS have been informative and inspirational but extremely difficult for me to keep up with in real time. Fortunately, with lifetime access this is no problem at all! I simply watch the videos when I can (often in a binge!), work at my own slow/painful pace, and go back to the videos as needed.


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