Recent Chinese adventures

Internet is kinda tough out here so I am posting my experiences and drawings on Instagram while I travel in China.
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Here are a few recent ones.

This place is crawling with dragons!

Mao is still around, a benevolent but irrelevant icon, kinda like George Washington.

Drawing fast and slow with middle schoolers.

My first cardboard painting in Beijing:

My 2nd cardboard painting.

I convinced 150 8th graders to draw each other.

3rd cardboard painting in Beijing.

9 thoughts on “Recent Chinese adventures”

  1. Love being in the classroom vicariously through your adventures, Danny. I had a principal who used to say that if the pupils were smiling, then the teacher was doing their job well. Congratulations.


  2. Great teaching techniques, Danny. You’re a natural! Having the kids do their faces on paper surrounding the room provided motivation to get going seeing their peers “do It.” In addition, they get ideas from each other as they draw.
    I was sad to see these sketches of yours only because I was not a sketcher when we visited China and obviously missed a great opportunity. But seeing yours also evoked some great memories! Thanks.


  3. What a great adventure! The kids look like they’re having a great time – with beautiful drawings right off the bat. 150 eighth-graders! egad! You’ve definitely passed the successful teacher test.


  4. It’s been such fun being on your trip vicariously…and no ear aches from the flights. The kids sure look like they are having a great time AND learning in a positive atmosphere. Thanks for sharing this.


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