I am enjoying my (hopefully) last day in Beijing.  I’ve been using the time to writing about the lessons I learned here and make a little film or two will be sharing them here over the next few days.

Meanwhile, here are two nice pieces on my visit to Beijing by Rena Tang, a lovely person who I met there:


4 thoughts on “Meanwhile…”

  1. Hi Danny,
    this is so great for me. Some people are flying around the globe, to make “big business”, you are flying to “bring the joy of drawing”! 🙂 I love it, keep it on.
    You’re book “the creative license” was a big inspiration for me (2012) – my life would be very “poor”, without daily drawing –
    Good luck – take care – have a good flight back home to New York!

    Matthias (Germany – from across the pool) 🙂


  2. Hi Danny, I loved Rena’s article. I agree with her about your book Creative License and the inspirational affect it can have on people, creative and people who thought they were not creative and found out they are creative. I still read your book when I get into slump.


  3. I just love the idea of seeing “the lunch lady” in a completely different light…as an accomplished artist, a woman with many talents…


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