Pass it on.

Think of all the people who’ve inspired you. The authors you love, the directors whose movies have moved you, the musicians who kept you company in the studio, all of them. And now think of your creative work as payback. Rather than being intimidated by the greatness of the people you admire, see your work as a way to pass on the favor.

Maybe your mentors will see your work and be inspired by it (I’ve had that experience and it is one of the most gratifying there is). Or maybe your work will inspire a total stranger, someone in need of your help. That is the greatest kind of gift —  to give anonymously — and do your work has the potential to do that.

Think about these things next time the monkey is trying to squash your productivity. Think of those who will not benefit from your unborn work.

5 thoughts on “Pass it on.”

  1. Very good point Danny. And count me in as one who has been inspired by you, but more importantly, many of my high school student have been inspired by you! They have watched some of your vimeos, made their own sketch journals , drawn and written their observTions of things around them. Thanks for helping them “pass it on”.


  2. I have at least couple of people that inspired me a lot :0) Sometimes I discover that in some of their writings, talks, interviews, lyrics, pictures with them on social media posts and blogs …. reminds me somehow of stuff I did, I said, I wrote on FB or tweeter, or even old pictures of myself. It is an instant gratifying felling but then I said to myself that is a coincidence only, so I avoid to get paranoid about it.

    Now that you mention this, I’m thinking that it is in fact like a 2 ways-strange kind of creative “communication”.

    It could be also that I was watching/ following/ reading / listening to Him SO MUCH, that I kind of get my mind working in sync with His values/ideas/view on life/etc…Not sure how much He is seeing my work / how much he cares about it, but what it counts that my way of “seeing”/ “listening”/” understanding” what I’m reading/ etc …is in perfect match with Him (=my mentor, my idol, etc…) It is a great achievement!

    :0) For example: I LOVE the way you are writing, Danny, as you probably know by now.
    I guess I read everything you ever publish or post. Do I write like you ? No! But because I spend all this time “exposed” to your style, the chances to like what you will write in the future are big, I guess. No, I’m sure ! Is there such an ” addiction “? :0)….. adDannyction?

    So now, talking in general, I’ll pass it on because I know that it will bounce back to me ! :0)


  3. It’s motivating and positive to think of myself as being in their “lineage”, the artists that influence and inspire me. It’s like I’m one of their creative children. I think of the bands Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, their creative offspring are almost legion. Heart, Whitesnake, Billy Squier, etc. It can work the same way with art, I’m proud to be in that Gregory lineage. Also Steadman, Searle, Hinkleton, Tezuka. and Gi though they may not ever know it…Sometimes I pretend that they are looking over my shoulder as I draw- is that wrong? =)


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