18 thoughts on “Quoting me”

  1. Danny, That is also 11 years and 2 weeks of inspiring and encouraging others to pursue their creative endeavors and to record their lives through sketching and painting. You will probably never truly know the impact you have had on artists around the globe. Thank you for what you do and have done!


  2. You got your blogs better and better by getting it somehow shorter and more dense and more intense. Its distilled to its purest form with the best effect !Oaw!!!


  3. Brother Danny I have been following your blog since the beginning. Thank you for all the hours you have taken to share your journey and inspire us readers. I can honestly say that you have changed the way I look at life. I can also say that your mentorship has contributed to my success as and author and illustrator.


  4. Mazol Tov! It’s those two weeks that make this so special! Glad I was steered in your direction when I was! Earlier would have been too soon. A seed was planted seeing your breakfast video! The rest as they say is history. Or in my case herstory! Thanks so much!


  5. I’ve just started reading your blog 2 days ago, I’ll be interested to see what the next 11 years will bring forth. Cheers🎈


  6. I discovered Everyday Matters book first 4 years ago , then I found you on the computer 2 years ago. Been a follower ever since; wish it had been sooner. Happy Everything !


  7. So glad to be following you, Danny. Here’s to another 11…and beyond. And excited for the arrival of your new book (which I’ve already ordered). Health, happiness and peace to you in 2015.


  8. I hope you don’t get tired of hearing what an inspiration you are! Your online blog and classes have made a real difference in my life. I graduated from Pratt as a fine arts major in ’73 but have spent the last 26 years working in the restaurant industry. You have helped me find my way back to the joy of drawing and painting and for that I am very grateful.


  9. Dear Danny
    That’s an amazing accomishment. Especially Because your blog wasn’t the only thing you were doing in those eleven+ years.

    You will have no cause for regret on your deathbed. You have contributed to the world in so many positive ways; inspired and taught so many people, raised Jack to be a fine human being, and written so many fascinating and delightful books. And all this against the sad circumstances of you wife’s terrible injury and eventual death. Live hasn’t given you any easy cards, and yet you are a master of life.

    It’s an honour to know you through your books, blogs, art and teachings. Congratulations, and may 2015 be a very fine year for you.



  10. Jane La Fazio is the one responsible for making me aware of you. I’ve been hooked ever since. even if I never draw anything, reading your blog makes my day! And I could listen to you talk for hours.


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