Time travel coffee.

What if you could go back in time — and talk to an earlier version of yourself?

Let’s say that after years (decades?) of struggle and self-denial, you have finally allowed yourself to be creative. After all that self-flagellation, you have started drawing, painting, writing, singing, tap dancing … just as you have always dreamt of doing for years.

Think back on the person you were when all this self-defeating behavior began.  How you felt about yourself and the world.

Think back on all those things that prevented you from getting to where you are now. All the ways you sabotaged yourself.  All the classes you signed up for but never attended. All the money you wasted on art supplies you never used. All the sneers, the indifference, the judgement. All the vile things your monkey muttered in your ear to prevent you from starting a creative habit.

Next, think about the things that made a difference in your turnaround.  What lit the fuse? What helped you blast through all those obstacles you’d arrayed in your path?

And finally, how do you feel today, now that you have finally given yourself permission to be the artist you truly are, that you were all along, but couldn’t see?

Next, create a time machine and travel back in it.  Go to that person you were and take him or her out for a cup of coffee.

What will you say?

(P.S. And, if you don’t yet feel you have made it to full-fledged, liberated-artist mode, tell us what you’d say anyway.  You know what you need to hear.)

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