Inspiration Monday: James & Tommy

Recently Tommy Kane showed me this incredible video of a flip-through tour through James Jean‘s latest sketchbook.

It’s awesome but what it inspired Tommy to do is greater still:  a tour of his sketchbook from this past summer. I have seen this book and I have watched him draw several of these drawings and it is amazing. Obsessive, imaginative, hilarious and moving.  Just like my old pal, Tommy Kane.

I hope it sets your week off in the right direction.

17 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: James & Tommy”

  1. So amazing. I saw Tommy’s yesterday and unfortunately had the completely wrong reaction: “Welp, I’ll never be that talented. Might as well hang it up now.” But this morning I’m feeling a bit more rational. 🙂

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  2. Keep posting Danny!!!! Professor Kane just raised the bar. Fantastic and it gets better every time I see it.The music is awesome. I also remember Tommy posting some of the work on his site during his trips this summer. A clear model on how to “build” our content.


  3. Inspirational to observe how one artist can create a creative response in another. But even more
    illuminating is that not all of the sketchbook pages were complete. Possibly a start that didn’t finish?
    Good to see as I make slow progress in my own tiny Moleskine. Thanks for this.


  4. Hi Danny
    I am delighted to learn that you have yet another book coming out!! I have enjoyed and reread at least 5 of them at various times esp when stalled out,,,

    You have jump started me many times and I was doing a sketch a day for a long stretch, for I had watched you get better and better ,and I could see the difference in my own sketchbooks… which keeps it all going,,,
    Since you asked us to share our latest inspirations, here are a few of mine:

    Rayna Gillman’s Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts ,,,it is something that is great fun to do and also a way to create something from bits and scraps most sewers have on hand,,,letting your intuition guide you,,,It carries over into collaging, sketching, writing, painting. Just like the discovery that doodling and having fun is a great way to increase productivity, Especially in the creative fields,

    Another source of inspiration is BRAIN PICKINGS,,,a weekly blog by a woman who acts like a reader’s digest of interesting ideas for all ages,,,

    Yet another source is MINDFULNESS. It was started in late 70’s by Jon Kabat-Zinn to help those with chronic pain. It turns out to be far more than that, and when used before creating, is a great instigator, perpetrator. It is now being taught in schools, corporations, and prisons because it is so good for our minds and bodies.

    I hope some/all of this might be of use to your readers.
    May the FOrce be with you, Danny Gregory
    sending Blessings all around, like Blossams (with thanks to RUMI)


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