Fat ‘n’ grateful

According to this article, recent studies show that expressing gratitude is good for you and can make you crave sweets. So here goes.

I’m grateful:

  • that I’m not a turkey or a yam.
  • for The Knick and Karl Ove Knaussgard.
  • that the skies are blue and it’s supposed to reach 60˚ today.
  • for my girlfriend who is smart and lovely.
  • for my son who is creative and hairy.
  • for my family who are healthy and only mildly annoying.
  • for my Pentel brush pen which has gone from a cantankerous stranger to a deep collaborator who has freed me up and shown me some inner grace.
  • for my partner and my colleagues at Sketchbook Skool
  • for my friends, analog and virtual.
  • for Joe and, usually, Tim.
  • for the last two weeks in Eastern Europe.
  • for 2016 which promises to be amazing
  • that I overcame my obstinacy on a flight last week and finally watched The End Of the Tour
  • for finishing the last tweaks and revisions to my favorite book so far.
  • for gouache.
  • for this blog and all who read it.
  • for licorice allsorts, Mars Bars, pecan pie, and Big Gay Ice Cream.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.