The Louvre vs. me

According to WordPress:  “The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 900,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 39 days for that many people to see it.”

Presumably, some of those people were just here to visit the gift shop or to read my post about the Mona Lisa and comment on how it is smaller than they imagined.

WordPress might have found some better and more apt analogies to really give this crucial data relevant meaning. I’ll do it instead. A quick Google search and I discovered that the number of my blog views equaled that of :

I am not sure if there is any overlap between these various populations, but I imagine there are at least a few Father Christmas impersonators with no back hair who love Khloe and Kendall but contracted the runs from eating a deep-fried corn cob and missed a few of my better posts.

If so, they can read them here.

12 thoughts on “The Louvre vs. me”

  1. Hahahaha Danny! I love the way you always return to the simple side of life! I am neither of those things and I have read almost every 2015’s posts you have written! Thanks so much for all the writings, drawings, sharings, openness and truthfulness… It’s been years and I will keep coming to read and laugh and celebrate life and art with you!


  2. Wow… you’re a superstar… or at least you’re not glued to the porcelain throne like 900,000 others were this year… You inspired me to check my own stats, the number for the year isn’t available, but since my blog started I’ve had 120,000 page views in 7 years. Gives me an average of 17,140 a year…. which I find amazing.

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  3. Danny, you have – once again – put a smile on my face this morning. WordPress is not talking about the Louvre for my blog. I am travelling to the Opera of Sydney, Australia… where I will be attending 7 sold out shows, just to see who visited my blog in 2015. I hope the performances are good, because there is only a very slight chance to meet my readers… my blog is written in Molière’s language.


  4. You are hilarious! Thanks for the morning laugh. I don’t always get around to reading every one of your blog posts, but (no offense) when I do, it is usually in a sitting position in the loo. That might be an interesting bit of data to add.


  5. Love the post, Danny. You always make me smile. I have turned my sister on to your wisdom by buying her “Art Before Breakfast” over Christmas. She just texted me this morning to say she heard an interview with you on a local station promoting your next book. Now you have a new fan! Best, Lenore


  6. We have so much in common: we both live in Kool states , California and NY (for those reading here who may not know me) , we both have great followings ( okay, yours is probably bigger than mine), we both keep an excessive number of art journals going, we like to draw, (you only have more because you started before I did), we like to hear ourselves talk through writing, and we both know how to make people laugh! I’ll always be happy for the day Seth Apter mentioned you in his blog, I think he took a class from you or something. That moment was the beginning of huge changes in my life. I was an aging woman on her way to becoming a Danny Gregory Wantabe! Watch out world, I just might make it! Happy New Year Danny! Thanks for sharing your life with us and being such a great teacher!


  7. You funny funny man. Just so you know I’m laughing! I’ve read all of your Blog Posts and will continue that practice. Keep ’em comin’. Love your talent and the spirit of who you are. Cheers-Darlene


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