I feel guilty that I haven’t written a decent blog post in a while.

I feel guilty that I haven’t drawn anything just for pleasure in, well, too long.

I feel guilty that I haven’t emailed several people I hope are still my friends (yes, Mum, you too).

I feel guilty because I have no interest in being vegan.

Because I don’t exercise often enough.

Or floss.

Or actually care what anyone else posts on Facebook.

Aren’t I supposed to feel guilty for things I have done?

Murder, shoplifting, scofflawing, taking the Lord’s name in vain, kicking beagles?

Not that I’ve gotten around to doing most of those things.


I feel guilty for not having done more things to feel guilty about.

25 thoughts on “Guilty.”

  1. I never thought of practicing guilt, but you are right that’s exactly what most of us do. That’s a waste of time😜


  2. Glad I’m not the only one feeling guilty – and if you had a vegan daughter you would know what guilt was! Oh well, not worth wasting too much time on feeling guilty is there? I’m in Spain for nearly three months and only done three drawings since arriving last week so feeling a bit guilty about that too.


  3. No guilt!!!! Banish the word!!!!! What you have done is give us the gift of Expression Sketchbook Skool Klass! WooooHoooo! It is ok to kick back a little….as in relaxing not in literally kicking your back! Hugs! Thankx!


  4. I hear you — I also feel guilty about the things I don’t do. If I recognize an opportunity to go the extra effort toward being kind or successful, etc., but I don’t do anything about it, then what? I often ask myself this.


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