Inspiration Monday: watercolors

I was enormously happy to convince Felix Scheinberger to join the fakulty of Sketchbook Skool. Felix is an amazing watercolorist and a great teacher and his book Urban Watercolor Sketching is one of my favorites. Felix’s lessons started this week in Expressing and I really enjoyed tackling his assignment: to paint my lunch.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: watercolors”

  1. I loved seeing your process. The lessons you have been showing us (Art Before Breakfast) are very apparent here. I like that you are still learning and so open to sharing that. Felix is very inspirational, and he makes it looks so easy. But I love that he states that it truly isn’t as easy as it looks, and that we just need to keep practicing and that it will come together. A great Monday AM so far!


  2. Hi Danny – Like you I have been really hoping that you would get Felix Scheinberger for SBS as his work is so brilliant and exciting. I’m thrilled that he’s finally here and am enormously enjoying his classes. I know that’s a lot of exclamatory words but he deserves even more.

    Thank you very much for pursuing him and for his marvelous SBS videos.


  3. Me, too, Danny. Sardines for lunch. Only I use a whole-grain wrap and throw in a tiny bit of onion or scallion. Yum. But more important: Felix’s videos have been SO INSPIRING! Have been floundering (staying with the fish theme here) in the watercolor world for years…nay, decades! I think I may have made it to a new plateau this week and am feeling happy with what’s happening on the page! This is big news. Thank you for helping make this happen.


  4. I have also thought am I using watercolors right…or is there a “wrong” way at all. Your blog is a one amazing inspiration source Danny, thank you so much! And greetings from Lapland 🙂


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