Inspiration Monday: Printing with Penelope

After crawling from my sickbed, I finally finished my homework for Penelope Dullaghan’s klass in Expressing at Sketchbook Skool.

It was a bit messy and I managed to completely screw it up at one point, but her assignment got me to thinking a lot about one of my other favorite artists, Andy Warhol. In this rather adenoidal video, I explain what I was thinking, and then make three different pieces that I like quite a bit.

21 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: Printing with Penelope”

  1. Taking away with me the thought that our marks represent part of an image AND part of the feeling. That is why I didn’t care for cartoons and Andy Warhol before – seemed too flat but I see now I wasn’t thinking deep enough. I didn’t think of the registration errors and off colors as a way to make them more human. Thank you for giving me a chance to expand my horizons on viewing and appreciating different art.


  2. Good to see you doing Penelope’s assignment. Refreshing to see you experiencing some of the things I did. You are always teaching. Thank you.


  3. Danny, I really enjoyed Penny’s class and went out today to get the supplies to try some of these things. Started making some simple drawings to practice the techniques first. Am really encouraged to watch you go through the process, to see how you work with something that is newer to you – and am ready to go back to making my own mistakes and learning my own lessons! Thanks for going boldly forward!


  4. Wow, your carved portrait stamp was quite amazing and I appreciate seeing all of the steps you took to add color. I Am very excited about these techniques too. I’ll say again how much I value your videos. Cheers-


  5. Thank you Danny for this wonderful ‘Study Hall’ idea. It’s so helpful (not to mention entertaining!) to evesdrop on your homework attempts and really adds to the feeling of being part of a bunch of real life klassmates. You are so generous with your time, and when I’m hesitating to try something new it’s hugely encouraging to watch you just ‘having a go’ and sharing the hiccups as well as the successes. Glad you’re feeling a bit better too. Keep warm. x


  6. Hi Danny, thank you so much for your video! Lovely to see you having the same sort of ‘problems’ that we all have – and resolving them! I’m finding Penny’s class very, very thought provoking and you have clarified quite a few of my thoughts. I have never tried Lino printing or stencilling so the fact that you have shown alternatives to going out and buying oil paint and thinner is great. Glad you didn’t get ink on your jersey and glad you’ve recovered from the ‘lurg’. Val


  7. I thought the “craftsy” side of this would be good for making your own greeting cards, then I remembered that’s exactly what an artist friend of mine does and I still have a card she sent me ten years ago.


  8. I’m truly appreciating and using your homework additions! I feel even more comfortable with the assignments and you give me a little different take or an additional idea that helps me try these really fun ideas! Thank you! I agree with Mary !, I appreciate the art lesson on Andy W; I have more appreciation for his fine art and, well lots of not so fine art, even….mine.


  9. I love that printmaking presents so many possibilities. In this area, so much “permission giving” is being contributed by scrapbookers, self-taught art jounalists, and other ‘craft’ers! Thanks, Danny!


      1. Aw, who am I kidding, I was going to sign up anyway! It’s the only full length semester I missed. This semester has been awesome, looking forward to Michael.

        Anyway, thanks for considering doing more of these, everyone is loving them.

        I’m off to pressure my friend now…


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