How to piss off my monkey.

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PS The book ads stop today. I will be back with fresh and non-monkey related posts on Monday.  Till then, enjoy reading my book and I will enjoy reading your Amazon reviews! 😉

8 thoughts on “How to piss off my monkey.”

  1. The monkey was alive and well living with me until your book arrived! Such a chatterbox…he had an opinion about everything I tried to create. He even tried to hide your book so I could not finish it! But, I followed his trail of peanut shells and banana peels and found the hidden book. From here on, said monkey is back in his cage, well- stocked with peanuts and bananas and I am safely ready to draw without his editorials! I love the book…it talks truth, unlike the monkey’s lies! Thanks, Danny!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder and the easy to follow link. Just left my review. ..5 stars, of course! Thank you for another great book!


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