Street food: Hanoi – Pt. 2

On my first morning in Hanoi, I took a jet-lagged stroll through my new ‘hood and came upon a spider’s nest of electric and phone cables on the pole at the corner.


The wires do more than carry messages. Many are decorated with twittering bird cages.IMG_4175

America fought and lost a war with these people and Vietnam is a Communist country. But it’s hard to say what that means any more.


Simple pleasures abound. A lake-side plastic chair, a glass of joe, a drawing as the sun goes down.

(To be continued, probably tomorrow)

9 thoughts on “Street food: Hanoi – Pt. 2”

  1. Awesome journal entries. If seen similar hydro wire art installations in India, it’s a wonder someone isn’t electrocuted everyday.

    I love the look of your journal handwriting and wonder if this style of random upper and lowercase letters is deliberate?


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey and your journal with us. It is great to be able to learn, through your eyes, what it is like to be in Hanoi. Really enjoy your sketches and comments.


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