Another sweet, chunky chat

I really enjoyed this new podcast interview. So did my chatmate, artist Addie Hirschten. She said of it,

“This interview is one of those that gave me many chunky nuggets to take and put in my pocket.

As much as I love creating art my head often swims with the many reasons why I love it, why we keep creating. Danny Gregory’s fresh perspective seems to have been knocked into place by the tragic events in his life.  This breath of fresh air is the sort of thing that happens when someone is frank, honest and open.”

Listen to it yourself and enjoy the chunkiness. It’s here.

4 thoughts on “Another sweet, chunky chat”

  1. Loved it !!!
    All of it. …..inspiration to replay countless times. …especially when I walk……. past my pencil.
    Thanks so much for PODCAST.


  2. Hi Danny, I hope you and the family are well. This is just a quick note to request you turn off the pop up for the podcast subscription from your website as I am unable to close the box on my tablet and consequently am not able to access any of your website content. I hope you dont mind me asking. Many thanksSally

    Sally 317722


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