I have the foggiest idea.

I’m at the very early stages of starting to think about a new idea. It’s more of an inkling at this point that I hope to develop into a notion, then maybe let it simmer in the skullpot till it becomes a concept.

Not sure where it’s gonna take me, but I’m excited to feel myself off on a new adventure. I don’t know how far I’ll go, what heights I might scale, what dead ends I might meet, wbut I’m ready to begin.

It doesn’t matter where I start this journey of discovery. Turn left at the doorstep or right. Go two blocks then turn right or continue straight.
What’s important is that I am moving, that my mind, eyes, and heart are open, that I am having new experiences and that they are connecting and sparking with other experiences to create something fresh and alive. That I am striding confidently and laying tracks.

An idea lurks around every corner. It doesn’t matter where I bump into it. But it won’t show up until I make the first move.