I have the foggiest idea.

I’m at the very early stages of starting to think about a new idea. It’s more of an inkling at this point that I hope to develop into a notion, then maybe let it simmer in the skullpot till it becomes a concept.

Not sure where it’s gonna take me, but I’m excited to feel myself off on a new adventure. I don’t know how far I’ll go, what heights I might scale, what dead ends I might meet, wbut I’m ready to begin.

It doesn’t matter where I start this journey of discovery. Turn left at the doorstep or right. Go two blocks then turn right or continue straight.
What’s important is that I am moving, that my mind, eyes, and heart are open, that I am having new experiences and that they are connecting and sparking with other experiences to create something fresh and alive. That I am striding confidently and laying tracks.

An idea lurks around every corner. It doesn’t matter where I bump into it. But it won’t show up until I make the first move.

11 thoughts on “I have the foggiest idea.”

  1. Hi Danny sounds like a good idea. I’m taking a different road today I’ll walk alongside your idea and keep an open everything.


  2. Your foggy ideas often turn into brilliant adventures so I hope there’s plenty of space for others to come along for the ride….


  3. How inspiring! It’s the best, most energizing feeling isn’t it? Kind of like having a secret that makes you smile to yourself. I started the progress on the road to a grand, and I am mean GRAND, crazy but fantastic idea in September and am now in that consistently heart pumping FLOW where I’ve met people who see my vision and want to contribute to it. It’s so gratifying and unifying. The process has put me in touch with more and more impressive people in my “tribe”. I now have grand hopes for this world. The more you speak about it, the clearer the idea will become, the more you and others will believe it will come to fruition. Spread the word


  4. VERY exciting. I’m reminded of one of my favorite sayings: “Take a step, and the next one will come into focus.” (It works for a nearsighted person like myself).


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