Someone probably already said this but…

We think of genius as the ability to dream up something never seen before. But originality is overrated.

What matters more is reacting and responding and refining and adjusting and tweaking and struggling and sweating and polishing and finishing and delivering and making a difference.

AHA! is orgasmic, sure. But now the hard work begins.

7 thoughts on “Someone probably already said this but…”

  1. I quite agree Danny. In our culture we have what I call “the Myth of Genius.” It says that only special divine demigods create true art. Many artists struggle with living up to this ideal and sometimes quit because they decide they aren’t good enough to be one of these other-worldly artist creatures.

    I believe that all of the best artists have been humans just like you and me. And… that it is when they express their messy humanity honestly THAT is when the artwork resonates with the viewer.


  2. Art is my first love, but I teach college writing and give this same advice to my students who are inhibited by the myth that one must be born w/ talent or genius to be successful or creative. I tell them that 99.9% of us must work for it. 🙂


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