Two events

A couple of things I thought you might like:

• Jamie Ridler had me on her show to talk about all things creative. I thought it was a pretty interesting chat and you can listen to it here:

• I’ll be on Facebook doing a Live event on Saturday, Sept 24th at noon EST. That means you can ask me anything about anything and I’ll be forced to answer it.
If you can, leave me your question in advance in the discussion area on the event page.
If you can’t, we’ll download the video and share it here. But it might feel a little shopworn and mildewy as such things are when preserved in amber.

3 thoughts on “Two events”

  1. Hello Danny, Wonderful interview. I always look forward to hearing about your discovery and perspective of creativity. You live it! And we benefit because you share and give back to us. Especially liked the segment on “clearing space” for new work to show up. Cheers-


  2. Inspired as I listen to you during this interview, sitting at my kitchen table sketching myself sitting at the kitchen table, one sound bite especially that made me stop mid pencil stroke was when you said : “Moving from obligation to exploration”. The precision and profundity of those words found their mark, hitting what I have been Ive been trying to make sense of these past few years. It’s as if you gave it a name, in my mind it was ‘ah yah THAT’S what I’ve been attempting to do’. Thanks ~


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