How to fail.  Epically. 

I just read that Roadies has been cancelled. So was Vinyl. No one gives a shit about TV shows about the music industry. It can’t be mythologized. It’s dead. Whoda thunk it ten years ago? What about publishing ? Another myth-ridden beast, gasping. As is advertising, replaced by algorithms and fast-forward buttons. Newspapers are folding. Movies, yawn. Trump blew up the conventional. Apple can’t do the job without Jobs. Even flossing has been debunked.

Change is afoot. Rampant.

Why should you escape unscathed?

What if the rules that always worked, suddenly don’t ? How will you survive?

Here’s a thought:

Instead of fleeing failure, what if you embrace it?


Drop excuses.

Cut your safety line.

Make shit. Wild shit. See if it sticks to the wall. If not, archive the lesson, open a new file, repeat.

Take a massive risk that could destroy everything. Make it worth it.

Fail so hard you learn something serious.

Stop whining and worrying.

Stop trembling and clenching.

Stop thinking you know what will happen. You have no idea. Assumptions are just one more excuse for inertia.

Stop fearing the future and start building it.

Try shit. Get creative.

It’s time and you know it.

29 thoughts on “How to fail.  Epically. ”

  1. Yes, Danny! Your’s is a refreshing voice. I especially say YES to “assumptions” and “fear” and “building.” Nothing happens without taking a risk. I live with breathing challenges and know that every step matters. Move and the world changes. I believe that’s because I draw what I see and that shows me more of me – my focus, my interests, where I love – and then I smile and that energy is felt by all around me. They smile and their energy moves. Then more smiles. All from a drawing, from taking a risk, from the possibility of failing. Thank you, Danny, for a grand start of my day and the smile you sent my way. Still smiling, Zena

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  2. I will meet your challenge and raise you. As I ride into battle against the sensible and the bean counters, I fly the banner of the warrior artist. I needed only a bit of ink to change one letter from an “o” to an “a”. My steed is passion, my sword a pen, and my shield is my sad and tender heart.

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  3. My first book, real book, ever, an adult colouring book where the real publisher sought me out to do it is scheduled for a Dec release/publication date.

    That, what I did right there might be seen as a kind of soft marketing.

    🙂 And that is where my focus is, in moving forward in what my heart tells me is good and true for me, namely making art and in some way encouraging others( like with my startup #toudesketch local monthly event–‘more marketing just back there) and whatever the rules are supposed to be, whatever the boom Sayers and the doom sayers project and projectile isn’t and can’t be of interest to me.

    P.S. I’m so happily busy doing n being art that my site and blog etc are way behind. Anyone follow blogs, still? I read three or more years sago
    How they are also dead — oh, but wait … 😉

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  4. I have been frequently producing art at a slow, steady pace. But, I think it’s time to gear it up a notch, and what works well for that is Sketchbook Skool! Time for another course I think.


  5. With everything crazy and stupid going on in the world right now; and all the scary shit that’s happening, every one needs to hear this. I read part of a blog post written by a young writer who was definitely “clenching and trembling” and your words are what she needed to hear. It’s what every one needs to hear. We all get so caught up in stuff and act like we don’t have any choices, but we certainly do! Thanks Danny! I’m going to go get my big person pants and put them on right now! You’re pretty cool you know that? 🙂

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  6. This is a great post. I just printed it and will hang it on my bulletin board as a constant reminder to be fierce and brave.


  7. Danny -you continue to amaze and inspire me. Thanks for the inspiring words. I’m onboard, I just got your new workbook yesterday and I’m dying to begin working in it.



  8. Danny Gregory, this is just genius, you are genius (PS I am one of the 99% of readers you wrote about the other day (in your ‘Dear You:’ post) who ‘never post comments on the Internet’ – today I tried shit and I did something different) Thank you … truly


  9. I admit to “clenching and trembling” but agree that the time for that has run out. It’s crazy out there right now, and the only way I know to fight scary crazy is with joyous, passionate, full-hearted crazy. I’m signed up for the League of Art Warriors.


  10. Thanks for this, Danny, and for all the inspiration you share with us. It helps; it really does. Onward and… downward! I really need to make peace with this failure thing. 🙂


  11. Reblogged this on Anne Lawson and commented:
    Life is a little busy at the moment. In a day or two I will have time to write properly about it. In the meantime read Danny Gregory’s post about experimenting and playing with wild abandon. I have been trying to do a little of this lately.

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  12. Uh oh, every now and then I fall into the whine and worry category. And every now and then I need someone like you to come along and tell me to stop whining and worrying. I truly needed this post today. Cheers-


  13. OK then… I have been contemplating a massive leap into the unknown and have been dithering on the edge of the pool dipping my toes in… but you know what? I’m gunna jump! Thanks for the inspiration, perfect timing 😊


  14. that’s a great principle… I shall remember that…you always put it so well, Danny, and always make me smile rather than feel bad!


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