Ten books I could write next

I published two book this year.  In total, I’ve put out more than a dozen. Is that enough? Have I killed enough trees? Maybe this is the end of my run. Unless I come up with something new to say….

  1. An illustrated history of my family
  2. Everything I know about creativity that would apply to practically any discipline
  3. An illustrated record of a long, dramatic  journey, like walking across America, or traveling by train from London to Mumbai
  4. A Maira Kalman sort of investigation of some historic crime, like Starr Faithfull
  5. A painted record of the dogs of New York City
  6. A graphic novel about a dog’s day and its hidden dramas
  7. 100 Facts about love. Biological, spiritual, perplexing, fabricated,
  8. How to draw. Without talent.
  9. How to come up with book ideas.
  10. Damn. The well is dry.

The fact that this list was the hardest yet suggests that maybe I don’t need to write another book. At least not for a while.