19 thoughts on “Ten early New Years’ resolutions”

  1. I’m continually amazed by the amount of thinking you do and the depth of your thoughts. Bravo!! In so many cases, they hit home with me too! Funny how we all think so much the same, have such similar needs and carry on life peacefully. Thanks for your thinking and sharing.


  2. Bravo to leaving Facebook and Twitter! Perhaps I’m old-school, but there have got to be better, deeper ways to keep connected. Some real thought has been put into this post. Go with your gut. And yes, the monkey on my back is saying, “What??? You don’t like FB and tweets? What is WRONG with you!? What will people think? And yet, I am sending this out. So there, Mr. Monkey!

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  3. The only social media I’m on is fb, and I LOVE the idea of leaving it! But I also do not have a cell phone, and I find I need fb in order to stay connected via private message. So few will actually use the phone to call these days! I also organize many things for church, and fb events makes that easy, so I sit here longing with you… It feels like fb contributes to being down at times!

    Anyway, I loved this list….


  4. Leave Facebook and Twitter? YES, PLEASE! I have neither and never will. I wouldn’t think of “gathering”
    around social media. Keep up your blog and comments. Your many followers and fans can adjust to positive change. Doing more for less is good as well. It encourages creativity. Example: Arte Povera
    Cheers and Encouragement to pursue your new choices.


  5. why leave NY Danny? Where to? I ask because moving is also a goal for me. The rest I totally get. Thank you for sharing, again.


  6. Unlike most of the folks, above, I applaud your wish and resolution to leave Facebook and Twitter. I know the Skool has a FB page, but couldnt we all communicate on the website? I have backed way off FB and have never used Twitter, since the first few days. They both take me away from the time i could spend trying to do some art. Mentally and Physically. So BRAVO to you, Danny. I love all 10. Especially number 10. 🙂


  7. I actually all of my social media a few weeks ago. At first it was liberating. But honestly, at times, I feel like I’m missing out on stuff, out of the loop or miss being able to rant about some issue, lol. But instead of giving in to withdrawals, I’ve been looking for other ways to “connect” offline. I’ve been reading more and looking into the local art scene in my area.


  8. Check out poetry by Billy Collins if you have not read his work before. Funny, observant, down to earth…I think you will relate.


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