Ten ways to help kids be even more creative

  1. Make Creativity an official course kids take at least once in Elementary, Middle and High School to learn the principles, tools and masters of creativity.
  2. Have solution-finding tournaments to cool problems. Most and best win prizes.
  3. Creativity telephone game. A kid comes up with an idea, passes it to the next who turns it into something else, and passes it to a third and so on.
  4. Product development project. Find a need. Come up with fifty solutions. Refine to one. Research how to get it produced.
  5. Team vs. One. Each kid individually comes up with as many solutions to a set challenge as possible in ten minutes. Then divide kids into group of four. Generate new ideas for another ten minutes. Β Do they come up with more than four times as many?
  6. Make it better. Learn how to critique others’ ideas to improve rather than destroy.
  7. Hive mind. Each week, a team of three presents an idea to their entire grade. Group works that week to improve or actualize it.
  8. Everyday ideas. Study how people do a simple thing, like carry groceries or brush their teeth. Break it into the smallest possible steps. Come up with many solutions to improve one or more of these steps.
  9. Better sports. Each athletic team gets a creative support team to help them improve strategy, performance, teamwork, uniforms, fund raising, community support, etc.
  10. Human video game. Recreate a favorite problem-solving, role playing video game in real space, create new challenges, solutions, etc.
  11. Recreate a favorite movie, shot by shot, creating costumes, shots etc. Break whole film down into small enough pieces that small teams can create just a handful, then cut them all together to make the whole film.
  12. Turn back time. Study a turning point in history. Brainstorm as many possible alternatives to the one that was taken. Discuss consequences, then develop ideas to address them.