9 thoughts on “Dear Diary…..”

  1. I, too, like to collect old journals, but especially the sewing skills of girls in the late 19th century. A few of my friends have found these types of books and I love them dearly. It was a simple time and I think that is what appeals to me…thanks for showing a few of your diaries and I hope you do it again soon.


  2. Thank you for the peek into your collection. I recently started keeping a studio diary as a daily record of studio activity or inactivity. By doing this, I can track progress, have dates of how long a particular painting took to create, identify reasons why there was no activity on any given day and recognize obstacles to creating. The diary includes sketches of ideas to try out such as page layouts. Also always keep travel diaries. It’s fun to look back on a trip,taken long ago as I usually record many fiascos that occur in various locales. You have inspired me to get more personal to describe my feelings as well as the physical world. Thank you for sharing.


  3. This was very interesting subject you put forth….great to see the dairies of folks passed on. Yes tis history in a book….like the young man in the one diary…maybe he was called into service and thus couldnt write any longer in his diary. Each diary or sketchbook has a story and often another story that wasnt told. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it.


  4. I have a tiny little diary that my grandmother kept form around October of 1918 thru August of 1919. In it she writes of meeting my grandfather. It is really sweet to read.


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