Sketchbook Club: Dan Eldon & Peter Beard

Sketchbooks don’t just have to contain sketches. This week in the Club, I discuss how two photographers document their lives in Africa using collage, calligraphy, and gorgeous photos.

This week we will discuss the following books:
• The Journey is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon

And, by Peter Beard:
The End of the Game
• Fifty Years of Portraits and
• Beyond the End of the World


9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Dan Eldon & Peter Beard”

  1. I’m so glad that you featured Peter Beard – his art is amazing! My favorite books are ‘Longing for Darkness – Kamante’s Tales from Out of Africa (Published in 1975, ISBN 0151530807)’ and ‘Zara’s Tales’. Definitely a creative sketchbook style that I love.
    Your book reviews have been wonderful…!!!


  2. Two of my favorites! Thank you! Lots of interesting things about Peter Beard that I didn’t know. Both have a reach out and grab you by the eyeballs quality and an exoticism of experience that few people will ever have.

    The oddest published journal/sketchbook that I have is “Kesey’s Jail Journal” that Ken Kesey made while in jail in the 60’s but published in 2003.


  3. Danny your bookclub gets better each week. Your statement “The serendipity of juxtaposition” speaks volumes to me. I have had “The Journal Junkies Workshop” by David R. Modler and Eric M. Scott, their work was insoired by Dan Eldon (since 2011); your survey kourse on books (cause that is what it is) is value added on steroidsl. Thank you.


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