9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: British nature diaries”

  1. Edith Holden’s ‘Country Diary’ was published at the time I’d been commissioned to do a ‘Britain’ sketchbook by Collins. I didn’t dare look at it until I was three-quarters of the way through my year’s journey because I didn’t want to be influenced; I bought a copy in a village in the Cotswolds and read it cover to cover on the train back home to Yorkshire. I thought that my approach was quite different but I did get one or two reviews inferring that I was trying to cash in on its success. If only! I’d been influenced years earlier, as a young student, by an exhibition of Leonardo’s sketchbooks in the Buckingham Palace gallery.


  2. Another wonderful journey Danny, I had to look him up as I vaguely recalled one of your interviews with Richard where he showed his journals.


  3. A day/hours well spent. Love your page and the music in this video. It can be overwhelming to tackle a big plot of foliage but you got in the zone and made it happen!


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