11 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Alan E. Cober”

  1. I saw Alan Cober drawings in the late 70s in art school and his work has stayed with me and perhaps still fuels my interest in all things drawing.


  2. Love your talks. I need to get back to a crow quill. Used constantly from 5th-12th grade. Mostly I draw directly in ink. In 1966 I ran the swimming pool at Willowbrook. The pool was true heaven for everyone there. Those who couldn’t get into the water sat in their wheelchairs around the pool enjoying it as much as the kids and adults in the pool. A great escape. If only there’d been something to replace it when pool season ended.


  3. Thank you for another very interesting presentation. I have ordered almost every book you have shown. Keep them coming, it is great to discover all these talented people who for the most part I had never heard of.


  4. I’ve been catching up on your book talks – I realized that I missed this one. It’s my favorite. It gives me a lot to think about beyond capturing what something or someone looks like. I like the decision making that he put into drawing of what he wanted to focus on and how beautifully it leads the viewer to see that.


  5. 7/24/18 Thank you for your wonderful and accurate lecture of Alan E Cober.
    You got into his mind and expressed his thinking . I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed the memories you renewed.
    He was a real artist and journalist. He enjoyed being an artist, he enjoyed being a Professor of art, and he was a smart businessman , and a great husband and father.
    Ellen Cober …..his wife


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