7 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Paris Sketchbook by Ronald Searle w/Prash Miranda”

  1. So excited to see you featuring Ronald Searle, one of my most favouritist artists!

    In the early 70’s at the Ontario Science Museum in Toronto there was an exhibit there either based on or actually done by Ronald Searle himself – it was one of those whimsical thingamabobs where a ball rolls through various contraptions setting off a whole series of other things in motion. My, my, my, such a lyrical description (sarcasm) but it was over 40 years ago so that’s my excuse for not quite capturing the magic of this “machine” – I do remember being wholly captivated by it and by his drawings. As I’m typing this I’ve just had one of those lightbulb moments where I realize why I love my Toller Cranston prints, they are so reminiscent of Mr. Searle!

    Thank you for showing all the books you have by Ronald Searle, I now need to go on a Used Book store tour (or be lazy and use the computer to suss out used book websites) but thanks to you at least I will have a list of titles!


  2. Watching you and Prashant discuss the drawings in the book was a klass itself. Immensely enjoyed this chapter in SSBookclub. I also got a kick at your comment about the uncorrected edition. What a treat this one is.


  3. Danny, the illustrations Searle did for Willan’s “Molesworth” books are hysterical, what a treat. I think he was a classmate of Ralph Steadman’s and I see their styles are very similar. Searle seems ‘tighter’ and Steadman seems ‘looser’.


  4. What a treat! I’m leaving in 4 days for my first trip to Paris to draw and paint with Cynthia Morris and this session of the Sketchbook Club really is an inspiration! Fun to watch you and Prashant go through this together. I kept trying to read his wife’s text- think I will order the book to learn about their experiences even though it was so long ago! Thanks!


  5. I recommend all Searle fans looking for a great collection of his sketchbook art and his magazine cartoons to pick up this collection published last year:


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