Sketchbook Club: Felix Scheinberger

I took a short break from new episodes of the Sketchbook Club, but I was reinspired by this week’s author. I spent much of the summer forging Felix Scheinberger’s sketches on my iPad as I waited for the release of his newest book, Dare to Sketch, which finally(!) came out a few weeks ago.

(Warning: one of the book shown contains a bit of nudity and bondage)

In this episode, I consider the following books by Felix :

10 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Felix Scheinberger”

  1. Ordered Dare to Sketch after your review and relooking at my copy of Uban Watercolor Sketching. I try to sketch often, but at least once a week I draw with Spokane Sketchers for a couple of hours. Ink, pencil and watercolor.


  2. Training myself to notice details. Did you have a black eye, Danny? Love every single one of your videos. They are always so interesting!


  3. Before your review , I received Dare to Sketch based on Felix’s prior book and
    his SBS classes. Your review , Danny, is spot on. Felix is a great instructor. The video featuring your canine pals, especially Tim, is magical. From 60+years of working with watercolors, copying Felix is a great way to learn and improve your drawing and color sense. Draw and paint one of his birds or fishes and you will become “looser” in your sketching.

    Thank you, Danny for Sketchbook Club!



  4. I just got my copy of Dare to Sketch a few days ago. I agree with everything you said. I also love his work. He also has an interesting philosophy about urban drawing .

    Page 138: “In centuries past, travelers collected treasures and trophies, made conquests, and grabbed booty – and did not always make the world a better place. Use your sketchbook differently. Artists should travel. We should reflect and document for our own benefit.
    In your sketchbook you bring back something from a journey without taking anything away from the place. Actually, you are giving something back to it: you are giving yourself and the world a page of memories.”

    What a guy.


  5. I too love Felix’s books! I went through Urban Watercolor this year, again, with intensity. I also pre-ordered his Dare to Sketch book on AMazon and came up with two! Interesting. Yes, he is a great teacher and a fantastic artist. Good to see the dogs-Tim was a happy dog, and lucky to have lived with you. You, obviously, were lucky to live with him.


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