Eat Your Creative Vegetables

I am on the newest episode of Youngman Brown’s wonderful podcast, Your Creative Push.  

In this episode, I discuss:

  • The importance of your partner understanding your creative needs.

  • Creative postpartum depression that often occurs when we are finished with a project.

  • Why I left the advertising industry.

  • Meeting Koosje Koene and how Sketchbook Skool started.

  • The value in seeing how many different artists make art as well as seeing where they make it.

  • The role that community plays in developing as an artist.

  • The difference in motivation when you are paying for something as opposed to getting it for free.

  • Going to clown school.

  • Giving yourself constraints or challenges.

  • What it means to clear space in order to start new things (or finish old things).

  • How I got past imposter syndrome (and my advice for Youngman in getting past his).


2 thoughts on “Eat Your Creative Vegetables”

  1. Great to hear this. I’m always looking for Podcasts that have to do with art, music, and creativity. Thanks. I look forward to listening to your interview.


  2. I loved the podcast. I’m relatively new to you and have been reading about your losses so I am so happy you found love and marriage again. I’d like to place a vote for the Skool to develop a watercolor class like you use in your books and also for a digital sketching. Like you, I’m using my iPad Pro and loving it. Now over to sign up for a class.


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