8 thoughts on “A Kick in the….”

  1. Dear Danny, This has gotten personal. Upon seeing your words “A nice new podcast interview “, my hopes jumped for joy. Just yesterday I was reviewing my podcast list. The Shut Your Monkey icon prominently reminds me how errant I’ve been in even picking up any fountain pens lately – an addiction reactivated by you / Lamy and Sketchbook Skool some years ago. ✒️ ☺️

    Hmmmmm: “My feed has not been updating or you’ve stopped podcasting, one or the other.” Oh no… not the other.

    SO… this morning I am thrilled to see your email. Thank you. I need a kick in the….

    Marla Brumbaugh


    1. Nice to hear from you, Marla. And you will be happy to hear that on Thursday I will be posting another SYM episode and also launching a brand new weekly podcast. Stay tuned!


  2. How serendipitous! Just a few days ago I got 2 of your books from the library (Art Before Breakfast and A Kiss Before You Go), and this very morning I did my first drawing before breakfast. But I rushed it, because I had taken my walk first, was hungry by the time I was fixing my breakfast, and, I don’t like cold oatmeal! (lol) I’m enjoying getting to know you better and motivating myself to do more drawing. Thank you!


  3. I know your story, but I loved hearing it from your voice! I’ve been part of SBS since the beginning! I wouldn’t have access to any artists or help without SBS. This podcast gave me inspiration I needed today. Thank you, Danny!


  4. Hi Danny, really enjoyed listening to your latest interview. A lovely way to start the morning.
    I took part in your Shut Your Monkey podcasts (no 7) a few years ago and after listening to this mornings interview went back and relistened to them all again! Given myself permission to spend some time on my still life painting, but still taking baby steps. At least I’ve made a start. Thanks.

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