Dinner with friends

Last night, we had Tommy Kane and his wife Yun, Lapin from Barcelona, and Veronica Lawlor over for an Indian dinner. It was so lovely to be with these great friends and great artists.

Veronica, Tommy, me and Lapin. In hats.
Lapin draws Tommy. He draws white outlines with a gel pen.
Tommy gives direction.
Lapin responds.
Lapin takes Manhattan.
Lapin drew the whole party on the last page of his New York sketchbook.
Lapin’s new book.

Lapin gave me a copy of his newest book. I will be sharing a little tour of the contents on my show Draw With Me today at noon EST. Join me on Youtube.

6 thoughts on “Dinner with friends”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Lapin in his Barcelona gallery a few years ago. Nice guy, and so much talent! I bought his book and he painted my portrait on the first page.


  2. Thank you for sharing this Danny. I expect a lot of good things will come from this gathering. I know I feel better already.


  3. I feel lucky knowing I’ve met all these folks in person! I’ve even shared four meals in two days with Tommy Kane, two dinners with Yun, lunch with Lapin, and eaten at a table next to a table of Danny Gregory’s. (At least twice) I’ve only not eaten with Veronica. But I went to her workshops so I feel I know her too. I love all the hats and the drawings with words spoken. Everyone looks very healthy. That’s good. Thanks for sharing.


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